Mark Fuhrman Says That ‘American Crime Story’ Will Wrongly Elevate O.J. Simpson To ‘Victim Status’

Los Angeles Police detective Mark Fuhrman listens
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With the resurrection of the O.J. Simpson murder trial with the popular TV series The People V. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story comes renewed interest in those who were involved in the trial. One person to emerge from obscurity is former LAPD detective Mark Fuhrman, who was famously caught lying under oath about having used a racial slur.

Now Fuhrman has spoken with the New York Post about how he’s not watching American Crime Story, because it will further obscure the truth of what happened. He says:

The last 20 years, I have watched the facts dismissed by the media, journalists and the public simply because it does not fit within the politically correct narrative. At this late date, FX is attempting to establish a historical artifact with this series without reaching out to any prosecution sources. In a time when Americans read less and less and investigative journalism is on vacation, it is sad that this movie will be the historical word on this infamous trial. After all, it was “based on a true story.”

This miniseries will most probably define not the historical record of the murder of two people, but the almost pathological desire to elevate a narcissistic, violent man to victim status just because he was a black athlete. Immensely sad. I am angry and bitter because the truth is a massaged reality. Let’s play grown­up for a while. This is not about me. There will be another O.J., and what we have learned is that political correctness and stupidity trump justice.

American Crime Story has already dealt with the legacy of race relations in Los Angeles, and the shadow it cast over the O.J. Simpson trial. And the show is expected to focus on Fuhrman’s disastrous testimony during future episodes. I wonder if the former detective knows that he’s already been depicted polishing Nazi memorabilia.

Former prosecutor Marcia Clark has also spoken out since American Crime Story started airing, most recently expressing skepticism about how real the “O.J. Simpson knife” that just turned up is.