‘Mark Hamill’s Pop Culture Quest’ Has Luke Skywalker Playing With All The Toys

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If you’re a fan of pop culture, you probably have at least a little pop culture ephemera floating around your house. A statue, a few action figures, a framed poster, an extensive T-shirt collection… something of some form. Of course, some take it further than others, and if your collection is extensive enough, Mark Hamill may show up with a camera crew, thanks to his new show.

Hamill is, of course, one of the biggest geeks on the planet. He records voicemail messages as the Joker, hangs out with Marvel actors, and used some of his Luke Skywalker money to put a copy of Action Comics #1 in the Smithsonian. So, basically, this is Hamill going full geek on everything from the personal collection of Bob Burns, the biggest Kong fan in the world, to visiting a museum full of the most important cars in popular culture.

Yeah, it’s fluffy, but it’s fun, and arguably well-timed when it arrives next week. Increasingly a lot of this stuff is relevant to American culture, period, and most of it was intended to be little more than disposable stuff that went in the attic. Seeing how it’s preserved, and in some cases seeing it at all, will be pretty cool. The show debuts on Comic-Con HQ on Tuesday.

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