Mark-Paul Gosselaar Says 'Saved by the Bell' Was 'Not a Great Show'

06.06.12 6 years ago 26 Comments

God bless the warddrobe department

All-time #1 best ever American hero Mark-Paul Gosselaar has been doing a load of press to promote the second season of “Franklin & Bash,” which means he has been dealing with questions about “Saved by the Bell” pretty much non-stop for a few weeks. And in a recent interview with Yahoo!, he revealed that he doesn’t actually think the show was that good. HEYHEYHEY. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE?

But try as he might, Gosselaar can’t escape his most famous role: teen Zack Morris on the cheesetastic early-‘90s relic “Saved by the Bell.” And to this day, Gosselaar can’t figure out why people are still so obsessed with the Bayside gang. In fact, he doesn’t think all that much of his TV launching pad: “It’s not a great show,” he admits.

“The writing is kind of hokey… it’s very much a piece of that time,” Gosselaar told us in an interview last week. [Yahoo TV]”

Seeing as I may have devoted more words and time to this show than anyone on the Internet besides my dear friend from LOLSlater, I suppose I should comment on this: I agree completely. It is hokey. It’s hokey as ALL Hell. But that’s why I enjoy it. The same part of me that writes giant posts about a CMT Original Movie starring Pauly Shore or breakdowns of stupid scenes in movies loves to watch episodes of this show and scream stuff like “HOW COULD SLATER HAVE LETTERED IN LIKE SIX SPORTS?” or “WHAT? ZACK IS A NATIVE AMERICAN NOW?” or “BRIAN HANSON IS LIKE 35 YEARS OLD. WHY IS KELLY’S GRANDFATHER LETTING HER DATE HIM” into the abyss. It’s all preposterous. That’s fun for me, and that’s why I still watch the show even though it ended 20 years ago and I am now way, WAY outside the intended demographic. It’s not so much nostalgia as it is a glaring personality flaw.

In conclusion, here is a GIF of Slater karate kicking Belding’s door while wearing a towel, flip-flops, and the ugliest jacket I have ever seen.

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