Mark Ruffalo Took A Stab At Dreamcasting ‘She-Hulk,’ And His Pick Hits Far Too Close To Home

The Disney+ launch has already dumped a wealth of existing movies and TV shows from Disney, Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, and National Geographic as part of the streaming service’s five-pronged offerings. On an original programming note, The Mandalorian premiere is already making an impact, and beyond that, folks are thrilled to see these O.G. shows. Down the line, a She-Hulk TV series will crash onto a streaming device near you, but there’s been no smashing casting announcement as of yet.

The series will revolve around Jennifer Walters, who transforms into the green female superhero, and Mark Ruffalo (who, of course, plays the current MCU incarnation of Bruce Banner) thinks he knows the perfect person for the role. Unfortunately, this would be a damn-near impossible casting move for Marvel Studios to make, but Ruffalo still hits the mark nonetheless.

“I mean, Tessa Thompson’s already Valkyrie but she’d be a great She-Hulk,” Ruffalo told Entertainment Tonight recently. Indeed, Thompson’s present embodiment of Valkyrie, the newly appointed queen of New Asgard who will take a queen in Thor: Love And Thunder, almost certainly disqualifies her to pick up the She-Hulk mantle. That’s even the case with Kevin Feige recently promising that the actress who will play She-Hulk is “going to star in a show unlike anything we’ve done before.”

Given that WandaVision also takes an atypical bent with D23 footage revealing that the show has been framed as a 1960s sitcom, well, maybe She-Hulk will indeed be even more unexpected. Still, one can expect that Thompson won’t play two MCU superheroes at once, and besides, some of us are still rooting for Alison Brie to go green.

(Via ET Online)