Mark Wahlberg Wants To Make A ‘Boardwalk Empire’ Movie With Martin Scorsese, But How’s That Gonna Work?

Because Boardwalk Empire was so different from most everything else that Mark Wahlberg is associated with (except The Departed), it was always strange to me that he was a producer on the HBO series. Entourage makes perfect sense, but Boardwalk? It’s discordant.

But that’s Wahlberg for you: Every few years, he’ll do something to remind us that he’s fancy (like The Gambler, which I really liked).

But then Wahlberg will turn around and do something like make an Entourage movie to remind us that every great project also has a huge profit motive, and this idea that he’s hatched to make a Boardwalk Empire movie seems, well, specious. I mean, that show ended. Not like The Sopranos ended, but like, it ended.

However, Wahlberg told he actually envisions doing a Boardwalk Empire movie. “My next goal now is to get the movie made and start talking to Martin Scorsese about directing it.”

That’s, uh, ambitious, considering that Scorsese has never done a sequel (except pseudo-sequel The Color of Money), and he doesn’t seem the type to direct a movie based on a fairly low-rated television series where — SPOILER ALERT — most of the major characters died, including the major character played by Steve Buscemi.

How would that even work?

“We can always go back,” Wahlberg said.

To when? I suppose he could fill in the seven year gap between the fourth and fifth seasons, but honestly, the far more interesting story here is the one that came after Nucky Thompson‘s death, the rise of Lucky Luciano and the National Crime Syndication, a.k.a. Murder, Inc. But that’s a series I’d be more interested in seeing than a movie. And that would make for an incredible series. That’s Luciano, and Lansky, and Bugsy Siegel, and western expansion, and Vegas, and piles of dead bodies. If you want to make something happen, make that happen, Wahlberg.

Source: via The Playlist