Mark Zuckerberg Apologizes And Tries To Pretend To Be Normal During Weekend Update On ‘SNL’

The Cambridge Analytica scandal has uncorked a few of the worst kept secrets about Facebook and the ways it keeps user data private. Mark Zuckerberg has been forced to make the rounds and apologize ahead of his appearance in Congress this week, meaning SNL had plenty of fodder to work with when they used him for some discussion on Weekend Update.

While we’ve seen some impressions of Zuckerberg in the past, with a fine robotic version on South Park this past season, Alex Moffat might actually have his second memorable impression thanks to his take on Zuckerberg. It might be easy to pretend to be a guy who is pretending to be a normal member of society. He laughs just like a normal bro, dabs just like pro athlete Cameron Newton, has compassion for the users of Facebook — even if he isn’t about to step down or let them delete their data.

This Zuckerberg is checking off all the boxes that make you a normal person, including the proper amount of eye contact and the right kind of stories that indicate familiarity or kinship with your fellow man. So what if he just made a little mistake and sold out the nation to Russian trolls and big business? He’s rich and owns a sleep egg. His world is just fine.

(Via SNL)