Marvel May Or May Not Be Bringing ‘Captain Britain’ To Television

So there’s plenty of speculation over which Marvel superhero will get the TV series treatment. Ms. Marvel has been teased, possibly as Marvel’s bright answer to DC’s television offerings, and Jeremy Renner apparently wants to bring Hawkeye to Netflix. But it might be a hero from across the pond that is on track to become the next big hero for Marvel’s TV universe.

Captain Britain, one of the only Marvel heroes to ever feature the work of Alan Moore, is being kicked around in some rumors as the next project for Marvel. Ciara McAvoy, Scottish poster artist who has done work for Indiana Jones and X-Men: First Class, is teasing Brian Braddock’s entrance into Marvel’s television landscape:

But other reports took McAvoy’s claims with a grain of salt, including a report at TVLine that noted “well-placed” sources were denying the rumors. But a little clarification came from Chris Lark, a producer working on the rumored Captain Britain series with McAvoy and someone apparently trying to piece it all together for Marvel in 2017:

So one takeaway you can find here is that there is no official confirmation on a Captain Britain series from Marvel. There are people who are working on a presentation for a possible Captain Britain series in 2017. It doesn’t seem to be an official Marvel production yet, so it’s up in the air.

Would we even want a Captain Britain series? Yes. The stories are cool and the track record for recent superhero TV is a lot better than film. Bring it on, along with Ms. Marvel and Hawkeye. Based on Matt Fraction’s work. Make it happen.

(Via TVLine / Ciara McAvoy)

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