ABC Is Developing ‘Damage Control,’ A Comedy Series About The Disgruntled Marvel Cleanup Crew

One characteristic of nearly every Marvel movie is the destruction following a huge, climactic battle. It’s rare that the damage is ever addressed and even more rare to see it being cleaned up. Whose job is that anyway? Well, Marvel and ABC are going to work together to answer that question in the form of a half-hour comedy series called Damage Control. That’s right — a show devoted to the poor dopes who have to clean up after our favorite Marvel superheroes.

The single-camera series is being developed by Ben Karlin, who previously worked on The Daily Show and Modern Family. According to Variety, it will follow “the overworked, underpaid clean-up crew of the Marvel Universe.”

They are the ones who are in charge of returning lost ray guns to their rightful owners, help to reschedule a wedding venue after it has been vaporized in a super hero battle or even track down a missing prize African parrot that’s been turned to stone or goo.

This premise is amazing, because one of the best things about Marvel’s superheroes is how deep down, they are just regular people (or alien demi-gods) who acquire superhuman powers. But they’re still living in a fictional version of the real world, which contains tons and tons of regular people and keeps going after the events of these movies end. Seriously, who is going to pay for the truck the Hulk just wantonly kicks down the street?

That was someone’s car! Who’s going to replant trees and clean up after those damn Dothrakis? It’s not going to just dematerialize and the city isn’t going to fix itself. I guess there’s a good case for supervillains as job creators, but that’s a whole other post.

No date has been set for Damage Control, but it has a “put pilot commitment,” so at least one episode will definitely be made. Fingers crossed that it ends up being good, because I can’t be the only person who wants to see someone complain about cleaning up after Iron Man.

Source: Variety