Marvel Is A Bit Too Extreme With Their Efforts To Stop Spoilers And Keep Secrets

Entertainment Writer
10.03.16 2 Comments


Every time you see an interview with someone involved with one of the many Marvel properties, the secrecy surrounding the movies and TV shows is always a big topic. It’s understandable for Marvel and Disney to want to keep their major properties shrouded in mystery, especially with events like Comic-Con and D23 out to whip fans into a frenzy. It also plays into the spoiler culture we deal with online. People get very, very upset over spoilers on a daily basis and it seems that much of the media plays into that by providing moments that are spoiler-bait.

Personally, the focus on spoilers and avoiding them is something that I feel is overplayed with most media, despite scientific studies to the contrary. I can understand wanting to go in fresh, but most seem to go to extreme lengths in order to show their displeasure with spoilers or keep them hidden. If spoiled material is the only reason to watch, why even watch in the first place. I’m likely wrong, but it doesn’t excuse going to extreme lengths. Marvel has gone further than that apparently and Luke Cage‘s Mike Colter proves as much during his interview with Conan on Monday.

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