Marvel’s ‘New Warriors’ Sitcom Has Some Surprising Members

Marvel fans were surprised to learn that cult-favorite team the New Warriors were getting their own cable series on Freeform from Marvel. They were even more surprised to learn that it would feature Squirrel Girl. But now the full team has been revealed and it’s more or less Marvel’s league of goofballs.

Squirrel Girl we already knew about, but her colleague in the Great Lakes Avengers, Mr. Immortal, is also there. His powers are in the name; if he dies, he comes back, which has made him not the sunniest of people. Two classic New Warriors are also on the team, the skateboarding Batman knockoff Night Thrasher (what do you want, that’s what he is) and the goofy Speedball, who throws kinetic energy around and is part of a support group with the Shocker for Accidentally Inappropriate Superpeople Names. Finally, two heroes from the odd attempt Marvel took to make the New Warriors reality show stars in the Marvel Universe, Microbe (who can telepathically speak to germs) and Debrii, a telekinetic woman who happens to be a lesbian. While the show isn’t cast yet, Marvel does have an adorable “team photo,” including Squirrel Girl’s pal Tippy-Toe:

It’s an interesting mix of heroes, especially since this will be a half-hour comedy, so they’ll have a lot of cast members to juggle. Assuming, of course, Squirrel Girl doesn’t just completely take over the way she usually does with anything she stars in. Hey, you beat up Doctor Doom, twice, that just puts you at another level.

(via USA Today)