Mary Elizabeth Winstead Makes Having A Sex Scene With Michael Moore Sound Not Terrible

CBS’ goofy political satire BrainDead is very weird and kind of wonderful. Take what happened in the most recent episode, when the guy who played Danny Zukko in Grease Live imagines Mary Elizabeth Winstead having passionate sex with Michael Moore. As in, famed documentarian Michael Moore. Yes, he keeps his hat on while making love, and no, it wasn’t weird for Winstead.

I mean, it probably was — she’s Scott Pilgrim vs. the World‘s Mary Elizabeth Winstead, after all, and he’s Michael Moore — but she’s not going to straight-up admit that. When asked about the sex scene by James Corden, the 10 Cloverfield Lane star said, “He was such a good sport.” She continued, “It’s like a fantasy slash nightmare scenario on the show, like, it didn’t really happen. But this character thinks that it happened, so he keeps imagining me and Michael Moore together. We recreated this flashback scene from Eyes Wide Shut. Like, shot for shot… So, yeah, Michael Moore showed up.” I bet he did.

Winstead added that on-screen sex scenes sound “fun,” but they’re “really not. Two hours into it, and we’re both, like, sweating. It was an experience.” I’m sure Michael Moore has the same sweaty complaints.