Aziz Ansari Announces That ‘Master of None’ Will Return For Season 2

Back in mid-January, Aziz Ansari told reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour that he wasn’t sure he was ready for a second season of his breakout Netflix hit, Master of None. (In November he’d shared that Netflix hadn’t even confirmed they were interested.) “We’re figuring it out; I need some time to refill my head,” Ansari said. The first season, he explained, was such a deeply personal endeavor that he needed to make sure “whatever we do for season two lives up to what we made in the first season.” His co-creator, Alan Yang, reiterated the point. “We really put a lot of aspects of our life into this show, and that’s part of the reason we don’t want to rush into season two.”

Fans of the series — which follows Ansari as Dev, an Aziz Ansari-esque actor living in New York and spending lots of time researching tacos — braced themselves for a lengthy wait, content in the meantime to rewatch Master Of None over and over again in order to commit Dev’s elaborate pasta recipes to memory. Today, though, Ansari surprised everyone by confirming that a second season of the series is, in fact, in development. Underneath a video posted to Facebook, which lists the titles of each episode of the first season, Ansari wrote, “Master of None Season 2 coming 2017. Thanks for all the support everyone!!”

Which raises the question: What are Ansari and Yang doing to “refill their heads” for season two? When we last left Dev, he was aboard a transcontinental flight to Italy, where he told his seatmate he was planning on learning to make even more elaborate pastas than he’d previously thought possible. His ex-girlfriend, Rachel (Noël Wells), was in Japan, where she’d spontaneously traveled after Dev forced her to play a terrible game that involved rating how confident they each were about their romantic relationship. (Seriously, never play this game.) His dad (Shoukath Ansari) had finally decided to get into Harry Potter. Will Ansari somehow incorporate his recent breakup with real-life girlfriend (and Momofuku Milk Bar chef) Courtney McBroom? Will the elder Ansari be forced to revisit each of the seven Harry Potter novels? Will Ansari and Yang travel to Italy to “do research” (i.e., eat a sh*t-ton of pasta, as is Ansari’s wont?) We’ll find out next year.