Matt Damon Can’t Help Butting In On Chris Hemsworth Interview On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

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10.10.17 5 Comments

Jimmy Kimmel has had a run of serious monologues over the past few weeks that have garnered him some positive attention in the headlines, particularly his fight for over healthcare. So it’s only right he gets a chance to return to some of the trademark bits he’s become known for over the years, particularly his feud with Matt Damon. While any of the goofiness that is usually welcome, his connection to the Harvey Weinstein scandal might end up rubbing some the wrong way.

The actor did speak out about Weinstein in an interview with Deadline on Tuesday and attempted to clear up his role in an aborted New York Times story from 2004 by current Wrap CEO Sharon Waxman, who supported Damon’s explanation:

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