Matt Damon Can’t Help Butting In On Chris Hemsworth Interview On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Jimmy Kimmel has had a run of serious monologues over the past few weeks that have garnered him some positive attention in the headlines, particularly his fight for over healthcare. So it’s only right he gets a chance to return to some of the trademark bits he’s become known for over the years, particularly his feud with Matt Damon. While any of the goofiness that is usually welcome, his connection to the Harvey Weinstein scandal might end up rubbing some the wrong way.

The actor did speak out about Weinstein in an interview with Deadline on Tuesday and attempted to clear up his role in an aborted New York Times story from 2004 by current Wrap CEO Sharon Waxman, who supported Damon’s explanation:

He also added that he wasn’t aware of any of Weinstein’s abuses at the time, but would’ve spoken up had he been according to Deadline:

I did five or six movies with Harvey. I never saw this. I think a lot of actors have come out and said, everybody’s saying we all knew. That’s not true. This type of predation happens behind closed doors, and out of public view. If there was ever an event that I was at and Harvey was doing this kind of thing and I didn’t see it, then I am so deeply sorry, because I would have stopped it. And I will peel my eyes back now, father than I ever have, to look for this type of behavior. Because we know that it happens. I feel horrible for these women and it’s wonderful they have this incredible courage and are standing up now.

While it isn’t going to satisfy everybody, Matt Damon is back on Jimmy Kimmel Tuesday night and he’s not discussing the scandal. Instead he’s trying to break into the interview with Chris Hemsworth and drifting in backstage while Mark Ruffalo and Taika Waititi were chiming following the Thor: Ragnarok premiere across the street. And if you take it separately from what is happening out in reality and treat this as Matt Damon, fictional prospective guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live and sometimes actor, it’s a fine addition to the long-running feud between the two.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)