Matt Damon Challenges The Paternity Of Jimmy Kimmel’s Unborn Child In A Hilarious Teaser

The Matt Damon/Jimmy Kimmel feud has been going on for longer than most people can remember. In that way, it’s more of a Viking legend than a late night TV joke that hasn’t run out of gas yet. It’s actually amazing that it has been a bit for such an extended amount of time without growing stale or unfunny. The “feud” has lasted through relationship changes, children being born, career dips for both men, and some receding hairlines for both men too. Yet even through all of that they continue to find a funny way to exploit their real life friendship in order to make audiences laugh.

The latest development to the feud, teased in a promo for Monday night’s Jimmy Kimmel Live episode, is Matt Damon taunting Kimmel about the true paternity of his yet-to-be-born child. The clip is set up as a Maury spoof, and both men get very into the bit that includes the famous purple tint that all Maury promos are known by. Even Kimmel’s wife and Kimmel Live co-head writer Molly McNearney gets in on the fun with this video.

Watch the full episode of Kimmel Monday night at 11:35pm EST/PST to see how the boys work through this latest fight — if that’s even possible.