Matt Damon And Jimmy Kimmel Make Another Go At Couples Counseling

The last time Jimmy Kimmel and Matt Damon went to couples counseling for their long-running feud, it didn’t end too well. There was a little violence and things were not cleared up for the pair, keeping the feud alive to today.

This time around, the pair try some drawing and let out the frustrations from some of their past meetings. Kimmel apparently has to meet with Ben Affleck after finding out that the Batman star was paid to sneak Damon into the interview. Dastardly right?

Matt Damon really looks like the bad guy in all of these counseling sessions, tying up Kimmel and berating all because he has to bump him from the show night after night. Is it really any wonder that this couples sessions ends with Kimmel drawing a big penis and deciding to stop taking it all seriously? Not at all.

Damon even manages to slide in promotion for Jason Bourne during the counseling session. You don’t see Kimmel trying to promote any of his big projects. Matt Damon is purely just a jerk and they were right to make fun of him in Team America. He should be ashamed!

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)