Ben Affleck Tried To Help Matt Damon And Jimmy Kimmel End Their Long Running Feud

Matt Damon made his presence known on Jimmy Kimmel’s Oscar special right from the start, keeping their long running feud alive on a night where the actor came up short at the awards. Not only did he make some sneaky appearances during the Governor’s Ball interviews featuring Kimmel’s sidekick, Guillermo, but Ben Affleck attempted to help his good buddy bury the hatchet with Kimmel.

Affleck showed up to promote Batman V Superman and flexed a bit of his superhero muscle to sneak Damon onto the set for a surprise interview. It is almost a perfect plan, but Kimmel is clearly onto the ruse and it turns pretty tense.

Not only does Kimmel get upset at the presence of Damon, his own studio audience begins to turn against him. This forces him to cut Damon out of the picture and have him thrown off the stage thanks to his crack security team.

It was worth a shot, especially when your best friend is Batman. Too bad hatred is a strong force in the television talk-show circuit.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)

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