Matt Damon Is Returning To ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ And This Time He’s Bringing Even More Friends

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The last we checked in on the best fake feud in Hollywood things had crescendo’d to Matt Damon gloriously and expertly hijacking Jimmy Kimmel Live and putting out one of the most fun and memorable hours of late night television in quite some time.

Well, come February 6th we’re in store for another sure-to-be-good-times installment. Only now with more Clooney, Murray, and Goodman (!!!). Via EW:

Notable nemesis Matt Damon has been booked to appear on the Feb. 6 installment of Jimmy Kimmel Live, EW has learned. This marks the first time that the actor will return to the ABC talk show since hijacking it last January as “revenge” for Kimmel’s running gag of ending shows with an apology to Damon for bumping him as a guest. Damon will be joined by his fellow castmates from Feb. 7′s big-screen drama The Monuments Men, including George Clooney (who hasn’t had a sit-down appearance on JKL since its premiere 11 years ago), Bill Murray (who’s never been on the show), John Goodman, Cate Blanchett, and Bob Balaban.

There’s even going to be a new installment of Mean Tweets because, you know, let’s just make this the best episode ever. If they know what they’re doing it will just be George Clooney reading variations of Tina Fey’s Gravity joke.

Mark your calendars, get excited, learn to be Bill Murray, etc.

Source: EW

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