Matt LeBlanc Told Prince William And Prince Harry To ‘F*ck Off’ When They Asked About A ‘Friends’ Reunion

Matt LeBlanc is currently seeing some success with the Showtime/BBC series Episodes, meaning he gets to spend a little time in England here and there. During one of those trips across the pond, he tells Conan that he found himself invited to a polo match by The Royal Family. That’s where he got to meet Prince Harry and Prince William and it’s where the incident in the headline comes from.

Sadly it’s all tongue and cheek (or luckily if you view the situation differently than I do), but I can dream that it’s real. A dream where Joey from Friends finally got tired of being asked about a reunion and blew up into a pure folk hero, talking honestly to power and leading a revolution across the globe. Free the people while wearing maternity clothes. That will be the uniform.

Instead he went out and ended up partying with Prince Harry. Dreams destroyed.

(Via Team Coco)