Matt Smith Proposes A ‘Breaking Bad’/’Doctor Who’ Crossover Episode

10.27.12 7 years ago 9 Comments

If the Doctor can land in Greendale, maybe, why can’t he also stop by Albuquerque for a spell?

Matt Smith has said that he would “love” a crossover episode between Doctor Who and Breaking Bad. The actor named the dark AMC drama when asked about his dream crossover by Radio 1’s Fearne Cotton.

“I’ve been loving Breaking Bad…I’d love the Doctor to meet Heisenberg in Breaking Bad,” Smith enthused, referring to the pseudonym used by Walter White (Bryan Cranston) in his criminal dealings.

Breaking Bad flips your world upside down.” (Via)

Obviously this is just Smith’s dream fan fiction idea (we approve), and won’t ever happen — UNLESS IT DOES. The TARDIS could set down in New Mexico, where the Doctor and his companion meet Walter, who then poisons and kills them and uses the Doctor’s ship to go back in time to the events of season three’s “Caballo Sin Nombre.” Why? To stop himself from throwing that pizza on the roof. Yeah, yeah, timey-wimey stuff, but he’s been hankering for that particular pizza pie for MONTHS now. I AM THE ONE WHO EATS ‘ZA.

This would be a riveting episode of TV.

(Via Digital Spy)

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