Nathan Lane And Matthew Broderick Created The Trump Musical You Didn’t Know You Needed

Features Writer

The rise of Donald Trump to presidential frontrunner has been truly baffling to witness. From buffoonish tycoon with a television show and real-estate empire to buffoonish tycoon who may become the leader of the free world, no one is laughing at the prospect of a Trump presidency now. Still, many are left wondering: How in the world did we get here?

In a humorous attempt to explain our current situation, Jimmy Kimmel recruited the talented twosome behind The Producers, Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick, to team up and bring us the Trump musical that we didn’t know we needed. In “Trumped,” Lane and Broderick are scheming political consultants who decide to find the worst possible candidate in hopes that he will eventually drop out and they can make off with all of the election money. Unfortunately for them (and us), their plan backfires and Trump’s star continues to rise. Spoiler alert: There is a USO-style dance number at the end featuring the most horrifying Trump masks imaginable. You’ve been warned.

Kimmel and crew were going for funny, but the overall message hits a little too close to home: “It’s a story that starts off funny, but then gets really, really depressing.”

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