Matthew McConaughey Is Open To Doing More ‘True Detective’

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06.05.14 15 Comments


Matthew McConaughey’s plan all along for True Detective was “one season, eight episodes, a finite beginning, middle and end, goodbye, look forward to watching it.” But now that it’s over, and he’s been reduced to begging strangers for empty beer cans, he’s down for doing more. Time is a flat circle, and hey, maybe he’d be the one with a gorgeous girl bending down in front of him this time.

DEADLINE: If you’d wanted sequels, you could have stayed doing movies?

MCCONAUGHEY: I liked True Detective, the whole series and the experience of making it, so much that I’d be open to doing another one now. At the time, I was looking at six months and not beyond that. I don’t know of a feature film I’d sign for where I’m going to say, “If this works, you’ve got me whenever you want me for the next three years.” (Via)

Part of True Detective‘s allure is its unconnected nature. When one story’s done, it’s time to move onto another. So while I SHOULD be against McConaughey doing another season, I am for Rust Cohle and American Horror Story‘s Jessica Lange solving crimes in the deep south together.

So, yeah, get on that, Nic Pizzolatto.

Via Deadline

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