Matthew McConaughey Will Host ‘SNL’ This November, With Musical Guest Adele

Matthew McConaughey, star of stage and screen, commercial pitchman extraordinaire, former (current?) bongo enthusiast, brother of a millionaire piping entrepreneur named Rooster, is coming to Saturday Night Live. According to the show’s official Twitter account, McConaughey will host the November 21 episode with musical guest Adele. That, on paper alone, is a very promising show.

The interesting thing here is that SNL did the most famous parody of McConaughey’s hilarious Lincoln commercial last year, with Jim Carrey in the role of our mysticism-spouting fan of luxury automobiles, and as of this April, six months after it premiered, McConaughey still hadn’t seen it. In fact, he hadn’t seen any of the parodies at that point. I’m not even sure how that’s possible. Although, he did say he heard that the South Park guys “jacked [him] with aplomb,” which remains maybe the funniest phrase yet for you to repeat over and over in your best McConaughey impression. Try it now. It’s really quite fun.

Anyway, this will be McConaughey’s first hosting appearance since 2003, so there’s plenty of pre- and post-McConaissance material to work with, if they want. Can we expect a Lincoln commercial spoof? Probably! A True Detective one? Maybe! Something… else? Almost definitely! Maybe he’ll do a Bernie Sanders impression! I mean, why not?

Probably fewer weed jokes, though.

(Via Twitter)