Matthew McConaughey’s Brother Rooster Showed Up On ‘Kimmel’ With A Selfie Of His Nuts For Howard Stern

Whole lot going on here. Whole lot. Let’s go piece by piece and see if we can’t make sense of it that way:

  • Jimmy Kimmel is in Austin this week for SXSW, and one of his guests last night was Oscar-winning actor Robert Duvall.
  • Around the midpoint of Duvall’s appearance, Matthew McConaughey’s older brother, Rooster McConaughey, came out and sat down next to him.
  • Rooster McConaughey and Robert Duvall are friends, because dot dot dot question mark.
  • Rooster and Duvall proceeded to present Jimmy Kimmel with an iPhone containing a picture of “a little low-hanging fruit” that Kimmel said he could not show on television.
  • They didn’t text or email the picture to Kimmel. They just, like, handed him the phone.
  • It is my belief, based on the above evidence, that the picture was of the testicles belonging to both Oscar-winning actor Robert Duvall and Matthew McConaughey’s older brother Rooster.
  • (This seems like a decent time to remind your that Rooster McConaughey has a son named Miller Lyte.)
  • The two men explained that they were giving said picture to Kimmel so that he could pass it along to his pal Howard Stern as a 60th birthday present.
  • Howard Stern’s 60th birthday, technically speaking, was January 12th.
  • Rooster McConaughey and Robert Duvall then went on to discuss their young Hispanic wives.

So, to recap: At some point in the very near future, Howard Stern is going to receive a picture — or possibly a UPS package containing Rooster McConaughey’s iPhone, which will itself contain a picture — of the testicles belonging to Robert Duvall and Matthew McConaughey’s older brother, and that picture will be a birthday present for a birthday he celebrated over two full months ago. Like I said, whole lot going on here.

Source: The Wrap