Matthew McConaughey’s Critics’ Choice Awards Speech Was Peak McConaughey

06.20.14 4 years ago 11 Comments
4th Annual Critics' Choice Television Awards - Backstage and Audience

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As far as TV award shows go, the Critics’ Choice is one of the best. Winners included Breaking Bad (Best Drama Series), Tatiana Maslany (Best Actress In a Drama Series), Orange Is the New Black (Best Comedy Series — it’s not REALLY a comedy, but still), Archer (Best Animated Series), Fargo (Best Miniseries), Allison Tolman (Best Supporting Actress In a Miniseries), and in the stacked Best Actor In a Drama Series category, Matthew McConaughey > Bryan Cranston. I’m not saying I necessarily agree, but no matter who wins at this year’s Emmys, at least we know we’ll hear a great speech.

Cranston will be funny and humble and self-deprecating, while McConaughey, well, McConaughey’s gonna McConaughey. And last night, he was peak McConaughey, going on about how True Detective creator Nic Pizzolatto is the funniest man in the room (take THAT, Jim Parsons), and Woody Harrelson is his brother, and all the reasons why TV is a better medium than film. The only thing missing was an “alright alright alright.” Maybe he’s saving that for August 25th

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