Dumbass Sports Reporter CONGRATULATES Matthew Perry On Cancellation Of ‘Go On’

Behold, at around the :25 mark of this video below, where we are able to witness one of the dumbest moments in sideline reporting history, as Fox Sports anchor Dan Moriarty INEXPLICABLY congratulates Matthew Perry on the cancellation of his NBC series, Go On last Friday. It comes during a Kings-Blues playoff game, during which Perry — an avowed Kings fan — is interviewed about a play.

Moriarty then stops and segues into the announcement of some “big news” and congratulate Perry on the cancellation of the series. It’s not a gaffe, either. Moriarty doesn’t back off of the point. He seems to actually believe that a cancellation is reason for celebration, as attested by the big goofy dumbass grin on his face as Perry tries to make the best of an awkward situation, in an attempt to save face for Moriarty. “The show was really getting in the way of some King’s game, so I’m OK.”

Congratulations, Dan Moriarty. You win the Bonehead Of the Day Award.

(H/T Awful Announcing)