Maude Apatow Does A Pretty Mean Kim Kardashian

If you’re like me you know more about the Kardashians than you care to admit thanks to the extra special lady in your life having horrendous taste in television. If you’re also like me you haven’t seen This Is 40 yet because Judd Apatow putting his family in everything has downgraded his films to Netflix-with-a-chance-of-dreary-day-theater status. Brought it on yourself, pal.

All that said, here’s a deleted clip from This Is 40 featuring Maude (Judd’s oldest) and a pretty funny kid with big teeth and good priorities discussing — like I’m sure far too many teenage kids do on a regular basis — everyone’s favorite vapid and irredeemable television family, complete with fairly spot-on impressions and analysis. It’s enough to restrain you from screaming nepotism when you see Judd’s progeny on screen.

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