Here’s Max Greenfield In Character As ‘Schmidt’ Impersonating John Travolta Doing Robert Shapiro

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Just like the rest of us, Max Greenfield from New Girl is a huge fan of FX’s American Crime Story. And while David Schwimmer has kind of stolen the show with his character’s penchant for saying the word “juice” nearly a dozen or more times in some episodes, Greenfield hasn’t forgotten who the real MVP here is: That would be John Travolta as the ousted, sometimes Hawaiian-shirt-wearing head lawyer, Robert Shapiro.

In fact, Greenfield has become so obsessed with John Travolta’s performance as Robert Shapiro (I mean, we’ve all seen the picture) that he’s started working impersonations of Travolta as Shapiro into everyday life — specifically, during takes while filming New Girl, much to his director’s chagrin. His director’s loss is our gain, though, because he was kind enough to do his impersonation for Stephen Colbert Monday night, and we have to say… Uh, it’s pretty damn good.

That settles it. I’m campaigning right now for Max Greenfield in season two of American Crime Story. I don’t even care who he plays just so long as it’s somebody ridiculous. And if I know Ryan Murphy like I think I (definitely) know Ryan Murphy, the odds are in our favor.

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