Maya Rudolph Is Now ‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Bound In Season Four

There really can never be enough Maya Rudolph in our lives. Even when she’s co-headlining a seemingly doomed attempt to bring back the weekly variety show (see: Maya and Marty), her talent and exuberance make it clear that she’s someone always worth paying attention to.

Which is why the news that Rudolph will join her old SNL pal Andy Samberg in Season 4 of the latter’s Fox sitcom Brooklyn Nine-Nine is such a welcome development. Per TV Line, Rudolph will join the series in its season premiere on Sept. 20 for a multi-episode arc. Rudolph will play a United States Marshal serving as the official liaison to Samberg’s Peralta and Andrew Braugher’s Capt. Holt while they are in the Witness Protection Program. The thought of that trio together feels very promising.

Rudolph has been busy this year, doing a memorable arc on the late, lamented The Grinder, appearing in Sisters with fellow SNL buddies Amy Poehler and Tina Fey and popping up in Samberg’s massively underrated and under appreciated Popstar in addition to NBC’s Maya and Marty. That show, which wrapped a guest star-studded, six episode run earlier this month, remains up in the air regarding whether or not it will return for a second season, so if you loved it and love Rudolph, allow Brooklyn Nine-Nine into your life (if its not there already) in the meanwhile.

(via TV Line)