Reading Too Much Into ‘Mayans M.C.’: Details You May Have Missed From ‘Xquic’

Welcome to our weekly breakdown of the minutia of Kurt Sutter and Elgin James’ Sons of Anarchy spin-off, Mayans M.C.. While Kimberly Ricci provides her always excellent coverage of the series (here’s her write-up of the the latest episode), here we’re going to endeavor to look deeper into the episode and excavate some of the details viewers may have missed, callbacks to Sons of Anarchy, and posit questions explore theories about the direction the series.

1. This is interesting. The episode title, “Xquic,” refers to a Mayan mythological figure most associated with the waning moon, but she is also the mother of the Maya Hero Twins, Hunahpu and Xbalanque. I assumed that Hunahpu and Xbalanque were EZ and Angel, but this episode suggests that Xquic is Adelita, I wonder if she is pregnant with twins?

2. To be honest, not a lot happened in this episode. The M.C. endeavored to rescue Adelita from Potter, and succeeded in tracking her down, but in the end, Adelita didn’t want to be rescued because it would endanger everything else, Galindo in particular. “Potter thinks I’m the threat,” Adelita tells Angel. “If he has me, he’ll stop chasing everything else. Montserrat, Galindo.” Kind of a weird call, particularly given the fact that Potter has threatened to use Adelita’s baby as leverage, but then again, Adelita used child soldiers. She puts her cause ahead of everything, and that apparently also includes her own child.

3. Speaking of, it was interesting that Adelita specifically mentioned “Galindo,” because I think she may be crushing on Miguel as much as Miguel is clearly crushing on Adelita. He sees in her a soul mate, and Emily is picking up on it. Deep down, Emily knows the score. She knows that Miguel’s heart is really in Mexico, and in putting his particular nefarious talents to a more noble cause. Meanwhile, Emily just wants to buy an agri-park and make a lot of “legitimate money” and live in a nice house. I think Miguel resents the hell out of that.

4. Emily also dug through some old photos and learned about Dita and Felipe’s past, or at least, learned that they had a past together. She asked Felipe about it, but but Felipe basically told her to keep her nose out of his past, lest she end up hurting a lot of people, namely Miguel, who doesn’t know he is Felipe’s son.

5. The only revelation to really come out of the attempt to rescue Adelita was Angel revealing to Bishop and the rest of the M.C. that he is the father of Adelita’s child, which Angel had to reveal or Bishop was going to beat the snot out of him. They all took it well, and even semi-congratulated Angel for being a dumbass and getting Adelita pregnant.

6. Meanwhile, Potter is not quite on to Miguel yet, but after that exchange at the jewelry shop, Potter suspects that something is not right.

7. Finally, let’s step back a moment and look at what a tangled mess we have with these characters now.

Miguel is the son of Felipe and Dita, but doesn’t know it. That makes him the half brother of Angel, who is the father of Adelita’s baby. Miguel, meanwhile, is in love with Adelita, his half-brother’s girlfriend. Meanwhile, long-term, Miguel’s wife Emily is probably in love with EZ, meaning that Miguel’s wife could one day leave him for his half brother.

If all of these relationships were to somehow progress to their natural conclusions and everyone got married, EZ would be the step-father to the child of his half-brother, Miguel, while Miguel would be the step-father to his other half brother, Angel. It also means that technically, EZ is Emily’s brother-in-law. It would also mean that if Emily and EZ got married, and Miguel and Adelita got married, Emily would be the aunt, by marriage, to Miguel’s step-child with Adelita. But then again, let’s not kid ourselves: At least one or two of these characters will be dead before all of this could transpire.

8. Based on the preview, I honestly can’t make heads or tails of what will happen on next week’s episode, except that Marcus Álvarez is in trouble.

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