The ‘Mayans M.C.’ WTF Report: Breaking Down The Wildest Scenes In ‘Gato/Mis’

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Welcome to our weekly chronicling of Mayans M.C. episodic moments that live up to the depraved mindset of the series’ co-creator, Kurt Sutter, whose ‘Sons of Anarchy’ previously included some seriously depraved gems over the course of seven seasons. Be on the lookout later this week for Dustin Rowles to expertly read too much into this episode while diving deep into the episode’s callbacks and theories about where this new club goes from here.

We’re halfway through Mayans M.C.‘s first season, and the series is starting to hit a stride not only in terms of club development but characters who are growing in popularity on Reddit and social media streams. Within a universe with established expectations, that’s a storytelling accomplishment, given that a built-in audience is also a tough one. Last week not only saw Angel be crowned as the “new Tig,” but crazy scenes began to crop up. That trend continues in the sixth episode, “Gato/Mis” (Spanish/Mayan for “cat”) — holy bejesus, there are too many gratuitous cat references during this episode — which allows certain players to shine while also bringing back an eerily familiar face from the SAMCRO years. There’s a well-executed car chase and a brutal fistfight, and Adelita demonstrates that she’s just as savage as her ultimate foe.

The prospect, in particular, endures a rough ordeal.


While aiming to further ingratiate himself to club members, EZ ends up sort-of babysitting Coco’s 16-year-old daughter, Letizia (“Letty”), who sheepishly unveils the dead body of an abusive trucker in her grandma’s trunk. EZ, who also must fend off Letty’s skin-crawling advances (she is a minor), resolves to put the guy back in his truck and make it look like he got jacked, but of course, nothing goes as planned. Soon enough, he’s a kickin’ and a gougin’ in the mud and the blood and … a Boy Named EZ (not quite) … with some “concerned” truckers. Along with a visceral bone snapping, we’re getting some Sutter-grade gristle when Letty appears and unleashes hell with a screwdriver.

Is Letty an asset because she “saved” EZ? Not so fast. She soon proves to be even more of a handful because she had stolen grandma’s car, and EZ gets pulled over. Letty does get to deliver a line in manner of her estranged dad (“my bad”) before an extended chase scene ensues.


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