‘Mayans M.C.’ Will Keep Riding For A Third Season At FX After Kurt Sutter’s Firing

The news of, and backlash from, series co-creator and executive producer Kurt Sutter’s firing may be in the recent past, but it seems Mayans M.C. still has a bright future at FX. At least, that’s what the network suggested on Monday when it announced it had renewed the Sons of Anarchy spinoff for a third season.

In a press release, FX Entertainment’s president of original programming, Nick Grad, revealed Mayans M.C. would return for a new season in the fall of 2020. What’s more, he added, series co-creator and executive producer Elgin James — who brought the series to life with Sutter and was previously hand-picked by him to take his place, eventually — would fully take on showrunner duties in season three.

“We’re happy to continue telling the story of Mayans M.C. with our partners at Fox 21 and excited that Elgin James has earned the opportunity to become the series’ showrunner,” Grad explained. “Kurt Sutter identified and chose Elgin as his partner on the show from the outset and Elgin has been instrumental to the success of the series, leveraging his experience and creative vision to make Mayans M.C. with this incredible cast, crew and creative team.”

Despite the apparent animosity that had developed between Sutter and the higher-ups at FX, especially (albeit possibly) their overseers at the company’s new owners at Disney, both Grad and Fox 21 president Bret Salke had nothing but good things to say about the ex-showrunner and his creations.

“Keeping this vibrant series strong is a huge priority to everyone at Fox 21 Television Studios, FX Productions and of course FX, which has been a spectacular home and platform for both Mayans M.C. and Sons before it,” Salke commented in the release.