The ‘Mayans M.C.’ WTF Report: The Messiest Scenes From The Brutal, Crow-Filled Season Finale

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Welcome to our weekly chronicling of Mayans M.C. episodic moments that live up to the depraved mindset of the series’ co-creator, Kurt Sutter, whose ‘Sons of Anarchy’ previously included some seriously depraved gems over the course of seven seasons. Be on the lookout later this week for Dustin Rowles to expertly read too much into this episode while diving deep into callbacks and theories about where this new club goes from here.

Mayans M.C.‘s first season never claimed to fly straight, but much like the crows that gobbled up bread dipped in Jax Teller’s blood, the series has flown a semi-full circle for the first time in this season finale, ‘Cuervo/Tz’ikb’uul,’ and that’s Spanish/Mayan for (you guessed it) those same birds. Kurt Sutter wrote this episode, which was directed by series co-creator Elgin James. In the opening moments, a solo EZ zooms by some crows who appear to be picking at the carcass of a mangy dog (is this the same mutt who symbolically picked at dead crows while first appearing onscreen during EZ’s series premiere introduction?). It’s an interesting turn of events and possible foreshadowing.


Less literally, the episode intersects the Sons of Anarchy and Mayans M.C. mythologies and culminates in a party to celebrate the club’s ascension up the Galindo cartel ladder. This leads them to interface with Charming’s SAMCRO chapter and brings a few Sons members to Santo Padre. Most importantly, this includes Happy Lowman (David Labrava), remembered as the torture-loving sergeant-at-arms with an ironic nickname, who’s crossing over into Mayans territory. As we find out in the episode’s closing moments, Happy’s a familiar face to EZ, and the future fallout could be enormous.


Happy, however, doesn’t truly appear to reciprocate the prospect’s recognition, but he’s never been one to choose a telltale expression.


Aside from why Happy shows up (which we’ll discuss soon), it’s difficult to understand the full implications of what he’s done. In a flashback, Happy was driving the car with the Wildcats sticker that belonged to the man who murdered EZ’s mom. We see flashback-EZ slamming into the car and chasing a hooded Happy, but he accidentally shot a cop. This went down close to a decade ago, so how entrenched was Happy as a Son of Anarchy when he killed Mrs. Reyes? (When we first met Happy in Sons, he was part of a Washington charter before going Nomad and eventually settling in Charming. EZ’s mom was murdered 8-10 years before Mayans M.C. began, so the timeline’s bendable.) If Happy was a member of a charter, this could present massive hostility from the Mayans. Remember, Felipe once worked for the Galindo cartel, so some dots could connect if Happy was in SAMCRO, but if he was a Nomad, the impact might be different. (UPDATE: Sutter has clarified that Happy was Nomad during this murder, but he still doesn’t know why there was a hit.)

Unless I’m overthinking this, it’s a bizarre cliffhanger. (I’m totally overthinking it.) Also, why would anyone want to kill Mrs. Reyes unless it had something to do with the cartel?

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