The ‘Mayans M.C.’ WTF Report: Breaking Down The Double-Cross Madness In ‘Serpiente/Chikchan’


Welcome to our weekly chronicling of Mayans M.C. episodic moments that live up to the depraved mindset of the series’ co-creator, Kurt Sutter, whose ‘Sons of Anarchy’ previously included some seriously depraved gems over the course of seven seasons. Be on the lookout later this week for Dustin Rowles to expertly read too much into this episode while diving deep into callbacks and theories about where this new club goes from here.

Mayans M.C.‘s first season has already reached a penultimate episode, and following last week’s reprieve from violence, the mayhem has returned in a snake-filled entry called “Serpiente/Chikchan,” co-written by Kurt Sutter. The dastardly dealings begin with EZ and Angel in jail after being busted with Letty’s dead grandma in a car trunk, and following a talk with U.S. Assistant Attorney Lincoln Potter, the brothers leave jail with their bond fractured, to say the least.


As expected, Potter indeed offered the brothers a deal they’re unable to refuse. In doing so, he announced to Angel that EZ is a double-crosser who made a federal deal, which is now irrelevant, given that the Galindo cartel is no longer the federal focus (because Potter forged a new deal with Miguel, as well — so many deals). Potter, of course, has his own interests at heart. Although he reassures Angel that EZ only agreed to his first deal on the condition of a familial protection clause, he knows that the mere existence of a deal would anger Angel enough to possibly kill his little brother. Sure enough, when Angel beats the hell out of EZ in the desert, Potter watches from afar with glee.

Despite his anger, Angel doesn’t really want EZ to die and saves him from a rattlesnake. Still, he tricks the prospect (while flanked with beer and lovely ladies) into a hideous, huge snake tattoo. “So you never forget what you did,” Angel furiously spits. “How you betrayed me.” Ouch.


The tattoo shenanigans went down after a major meeting between the Galindo cartel and the Mayans, and the double-cross that’s been in process there is over now, or is it? Well, Miguel ignored the advice of his consigliere, Devante by declaring his deal with the rebels. Adelita/Luisa was on hand, to the seeming shock of almost everyone, and Miguel deemed the Mayans to be the trustees of the agreement, in which the rebels get a cut of the cartel’s profits, while the Galindos get thousands of new soldiers. And here’s the awkward handshake between Angel and Coco when they “introduce” themselves to Adelita.


We also find out (when Angel sneaks a word with Adelita) that this Galindo alliance — surprise! — may have been her ultimate plan after all. This, of course, changes everything about Coco and Angel betraying the club, for perhaps they were actually attempting to ensure Galindo longevity, and now the Mayans have been elevated “from the loading dock to the boardroom” by Miguel. Or maybe there’s a secret aspect of this agreement that we haven’t heard yet. Given that Coco cracks a joke about Angel being “Don Quioxte” while they walk away from Adelita, this may suggest that all’s not what it seems. Or maybe this isn’t a deep literary reference, and he’s only referring to Angel as a baseline lothario? Probably.

The meeting did not end well for double-crossing Devante.


Adelita got some ^^^ closure ^^^ for her family’s death, which was orchestrated by a younger Devante, and she and Miguel now have the bond of trust. Earlier, Galindo also butted heads with his family’s cherished advisor, all while Emily unveiled a shadow operation to fool the U.S. government. Devante warned against this double-cross; and if Miguel’s mind wavered, then discovering that Devante lied about his baby brother’s death convinced him that Devante is a liar and traitor to the family. Will Miguel also seek vengeance against his mother for echoing Devante’s lies? That thread still dangles.

To top off Potter’s fantastical flourishes during this episode, he orders what will undoubtedly turn into more double-crossing bloodshed during the season finale.


Soooo Potter wants the Reyes brothers to kill Agent Jiminez (which … is especially bad … considering that he’s EZ and Angel’s second cousin) and settle his own personal vendetta with the guy. The beef might also be a professional one, given that Jiminez kinda threatened (after Potter replaced him on the Galindo investigation) to expose the details of EZ’s deal to WikiLeaks, but I’m not sure if anyone took that claim seriously? Well, besides Potter, but with EZ killing the only living confirmation of his deal with the feds, he’s also helping himself. That is, unless he and Angel get caught (again), which is always possible.

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