Meet Obie, The Dachshund That Lost A Ton Of Weight To Inspire The World

Obie the dachshund used to weigh a ridiculous 77-pounds. That’s obviously a lot for a typically small dog, so life was always pretty difficult for this portly pooch. For a while, he had to wear a special harness that would keep him from getting injured when he walked around, at least when his feet could touch the ground. So how did Obie get into that shape in the first place? Well, like most caloric canines, Obie was eating too much people food, so his owner, Nora Vanatta, put an end to all of that and got Obie on a much-needed diet so he could finally live a normal life and hopefully lick his crotch for once.

Earlier this week, Obie made his second appearance on TODAY in the last few years, but this time was much different than the first. Then, he was a giant watermelon-shaped dog and now he was only 23-pounds. That’s right, Obie lost 54 pounds! And yet, I have a tough time opening the fridge in the morning without grunting. So what did Obie look like before he became that handsome pooch in the banner?

YIKES. But obviously, when you’re a dog that has accomplished something so special and you’re appearing on TODAY for the second time, you’re going to get the special treatment, so he splurged a little at the hotel. When in Rome, sniff butt like the Romans do.

Job well done, Obie. Now come teach my dog to stop crying when she doesn’t get the treat she prefers after she poops.

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