Meet The Dancing Woman In Southwest Airlines’ Wedding Commercial

AT&T Lily will always be our favorite, and Matthew McConaughey spouting out nonsense in a Lincoln really make you think (in the same way the blazed guy in every Intro to Psychology class makes you think), but there’s a new commercial star in town and she’s a big Marky Mark fan, apparently. If you’ve watched even 20 minutes of TV this week, you’ve probably seen the Southwest Airlines ad where a woman Elaine Benes-dances at four separate weddings.

It’s a fairly clever spot, although isn’t wedding season June to September? Anyone who schedules their wedding between Thanksgiving and Christmas is a rich monster, but we’re not here to talk about that — it’s all about the dancing woman, played by comedian Alice Wetterlund. You might know her from MTV’s Girl Code, or @midnight, or UCB, or a BMW commercial, or her widely followed Twitter. She’s also going to be in The Interview, that movie where Seth Rogen and James Franco try to kill Kim-Jong Un, who’s still not as bad as SOMEONE WHO SCHEDULES THEIR WEDDING BETWEEN THANKSGIVING AND CHRISTMAS.

Oh, and in case you were wondering…

She didn’t hire a choreographer to perfect those moves.