Meet The Hunky New Australian Male Model Coming To ‘The Price Is Right’

The Price is Right asked the good people of America to choose the beloved game show’s new male model, and the public has spoken. Winning the online vote, after a grueling competition that featured smiling and wearing no shirt, was Australian model James O’Halloran, whose chiseled jaw and perfectly-groomed 5 o’clock shadow will be taking over our TV sets beginning on Monday, December 15. O’Halloran’s victory wasn’t an easy one, as he had to convince voters that he was better at being very handsome than the other Top 3 finalists, Jay Byars and Jonathan Morgan (above, left and center, respectively). Basically, if your name doesn’t start with a J, you never stood a chance in hell.

You shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking that O’Halloran is one of those super attractive male models obsessed with his good looks and orange mocha frappuccinos, though. He’s just a regular fella, just like you or me, except he’s really handsome and on TV now.

O’Halloran hails from Melbourne, Australia. The 30-year-old industrial designer grew up watching the Australian version of THE PRICE IS RIGHT. For fun he enjoys singing karaoke to “Under the Bridge” by Red Hot Chili Peppers, and if he could only eat one meal for the rest of his life it would be steak and chips. (Via CBS)

“Under the Bridge”? Really? That’s such a vanilla song selection. For me, it’s Nelson’s “Love and Affection” or nothing at all. But enough about what O’Halloran likes or thinks about stuff. Show me why you deserve to share the same stage with Drew Carey and all of the models whose names I’ve never learned.

Oh my, I do declare that this man has a gaze that can cut through a heart made of titanium. I’m a little flustered now. But can he handle the important tasks like descending a set of stairs with no shirt on?

Wow, this guy was the only choice. Welcome to the Price, James. I’m glad it’s not Let’s Make a Deal, because then he’d steal Tiffany Coyne’s heart and I’d have to push him over the edge on Cliffhangers.