Meet The Worst Rap Battle Hype Man Ever (And The Morning Links)

12.18.12 5 years ago 3 Comments

The greatest Key and Peele sketch not written yet. Check it out below. (Via)

60 Images From 2012 We Want Saved In A Time Machine — (Uproxx)

Ranking This Year’s Sundance Movies According to Sundanciness — (Film Drunk)

The 12 Best Album Covers Of 2012 — (Smoking Section)

If Louis C.K. Made A Charlie Brown Holiday Special, It Would Probably Look Like This — (WG)

Great News: Marisa Miller Is Gonna Go Back To Looking Like This! — (With Leather)

Four Steps Gamers Can Take To Help Prevent Game-Blaming — (Gamma Squad)

I Love This Goodell-Hating Saints Elf So Much — (KSK)

The Five Most Irritating Ways Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit Deviated From The Book — (Pajiba)

The Best And Worst Celebrity Instagrams Of The Year — (BuzzFeed)

10 Nonviolent Ways to Thwart a Westboro Baptist Church Protest — (Mental Floss)

28 WTF Inflatable Christmas Decorations — (Huffington Post)

9 Comforting Pictures of Comfort Dogs Visiting Newtown Families — (HyperVocal)

7 celebrities who attempted to write fiction — (The Week)

The 15 Worst Christmas Gifts — (College Humor)

The Six Greatest Christmascentric Horror Movies Ever Made — (Unreality Mag)

8 Bands With Terrible Style — (Smosh)

Honey Boo Boo’s popularity has caused a surge in the sale of “Hillbilly Porn” — (Fark)

Jimmy Clausen Wants You to See His ‘Catholics vs. Cousins’ Shirt — (Bro Bible)

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