Conan Highlights The Adorable Puzzle Prowess Of Nick Offerman And Megan Mullally

Megan Mullally has an interesting looking show coming to NBC called You, Me And The Apocalypse — it’s already been on in the UK, so there’s hope it isn’t something rancid — and that brought her to Conan for a little promotion. Childrens Hospital was also mentioned, so that’s always welcome, but the main attraction seemed to be Mullally and Nick Offerman’s fascination with puzzles. They love the damn things and show their love on Twitter.

The odder the puzzle the better and they’re usually posing with the completed puzzles alongside their dogs. Conan even made a guest appearance once, which is odd based on his insistence that he’s Jesus. Clearly he’s the lamb or the haunted lion in the foreground — haunted due to his lack of predatory instincts. That should be a bloodbath and he’s just lying around. Get with it lion!

There are plenty more examples of their puzzle obsession out there, with some of the oddest puzzles you’ll ever see. If you thought Thomas Kinkade made the worst puzzles on the face of the planet, you still have a strong case, but there’s competition. There’s even an Anne Geddes image in there, upping the creep factor a bit.

(Via Team Coco / Megan Mullally)