Lawyers Ken Kratz And Dean Strang Debate ‘Making A Murderer’ With Megyn Kelly

01.06.16 2 years ago 21 Comments

Megyn Kelly had both former prosecutor Ken Kratz and defense lawyer Dean Strang on Fox News to talk about their role in Making a Murderer and the ongoing debate over Steven Avery’s guilt. The two did not face off against each other — though we would pay to see such a thing — but they did toss some barbs at each other during their time on the air. Both also took some time to talk about some of the aspects that the documentary left out of both sides of the trial, including Kratz’s evidence that has been mentioned before and information regarding the bones of Teresa Halbach.

Both hold steady to their positions regarding the status of Steven Avery, with Strang even bolstering claims that authorities planted evidence against Avery by denying claims related to DNA found under the hood of Halbach’s car made by Kratz moments earlier.

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