08.14.09 9 years ago 11 Comments

The not-quite-popular Comedy Central mockumentary “Reno 911!” was canceled yesterday afternoon, sending shockwaves through the dozens of people that would maybe watch an episode if they were flipping channels and noticed that it was on.  Series creator/star Thomas Lennon (Lt. Jim Dangle) broke the news over his Twitter feed:

Reno 911! was cancelled at 1:30 pm today. Won’t be wearing the shorts again.

I honestly don’t want to sound so dismissive of “Reno 911!” — there were times when the show was brilliant and hilarious.  It had a lot of funny moments, a lot of great guest appearances, and the Reno 911!: Miami movie was absolutely delightful (another feather in the cap for Paul Rudd).  Unfortunately, the number of episodes that fell to Earth with an unfunny thud kept me from ever becoming a regular viewer.  I’m sorry, “Reno.”  Please don’t take it personally.  I respect you, but this was probably for the best.  Like that time I shot my dog.  When I was seven.

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