Melania Trump Seeks A Friendly Escape In This Oddly Touching ‘SNL’ Short

The final sketch of the night for the Kumail Nanjiani-hosted SNL was a bit strange while covering some familiar territory for the show. Nanjiani plays a call center operator who strikes up an unusual friendship with someone who seems to be a captive audience in more ways than one. On the other end of the phone is a somewhat sympathetic Melania Trump, playing up the idea that she’s a “hostage” to Donald Trump, seeking some sort of connection outside of her life in The White House and Trump Tower.

This Melania hates bullies, loves spiders, and just wants to talk till dawn to her new call center friend. They have a connection and he’s just really good at listening. It’s something she’s not getting from Donald in her daily life, but she is getting it from the other end of the phone.

It’s an oddly touching short film, even if it’s dealing with someone that might end up being contentious at the end of the day. You could easily see this being some sort of oddball indie film written by Charlie Kaufman or someone similar, just with the First Lady replaced by someone like Julia Roberts or Armie Hammer.

Not sure how we’re supposed to feel about someone mailing a spider to you, especially if you lived in Pakistan. It makes sense for the story, sure, but you’d probably look like a super freak if you’re just going around sending live spiders to people. Melania Trump turning into the Jared Leto of the Trump administration.

(Via SNL)