Melissa McBride Lists Off Some Of Carol’s Greatest Zombie Kills On ‘The Walking Dead’

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Melissa McBride, also known as Carol from The Walking Dead, started off as helpless as someone can be in the zombie apocalypse. But over the past six seasons, she’s evolved into one of the most useful and effective members of show’s group. She doesn’t just have a few walker kills under her belt, she has so many that it must be difficult for her to keep track of them all. And while she’s probably forgotten exactly how she’s killed most of the walkers and Wolves that have crossed her path, she does have fond memories of some particularly righteous kills.

“I have two favorite walker kills,” she told Entertainment Weekly. “One of them was in season four where Carol goes down to the bridge outside of the fence at the prison to get the gunk out of the hose. And Rick sees her down there and is of course calling her — ‘Carol!’ If he hadn’t called her, do you think the walkers would have noticed? Anyway, so the walkers come and she’s got to kill them and she runs up to the fence and kills one with the hacksaw. And it gets stuck in its head. That was a really fun one to shoot.”



“The other one was Terminus. And that was just to obliterate a bunch of them with an explosion and that was a lot of fun.”



Ah, season four … where Rick spent his days alternating between semi-insane wannabe pig farmer and inconsistent moralizing jerkbag. Re-watching that scene, Melissa McBride isn’t quite right; the walkers are already coming for her by the time Rick starts screaming at her. But the dynamic between Rick and Carol at the time centered around them both being certain their way was the right way, so you can excuse the actors for perceiving things like that, too.

The cast members get into character so much that they’re effectively torturing themselves emotionally to elicit realistic reactions to the extreme violence and death we see on the show. Lauren Cohan, who plays Maggie, says she’s almost quit before due to the stress caused by some of the scenes. And whatever happens in the second half of season six is so bad, Andrew Lincoln couldn’t sleep for days after reading the scripts.

So, with that in mind, it’s nice to know the actors are enjoying the cool moments their characters get from time to time. Melissa McBride is especially lucky now that Carol has transformed into one of the biggest bad-asses on the show. While Daryl is giving her a run for her money this season, we have a feeling Carol’s no nonsense approach to the zombie apocalypse is going to be key in getting everyone (or almost everyone) safely through the next couple of episodes.

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