Melissa McCarthy Will Be Returning To ‘Gilmore Girls’ After All

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There has been a lot of to-do about whether or not Melissa McCarthy would be returning to Star’s Hollow as chef Sookie St. James in the Netflix revival of Gilmore Girls. Initially, she was simply not asked by show runner Amy Sherman-Palladino, who cited McCarthy’s packed schedule as an in-demand movie star. However, as the story unfolded, McCarthy made it very clear that despite the snub, she still loved the show deeply and wished them well.

Well, McCarthy and Sherman-Palladino must have worked something out (or rather, their people did), because TV Line reports that McCarthy will indeed be returning as Sookie. After hearing about McCarthy’s willingness to play a part, Sherman-Palladino stated that she would love for the Spy star to take part in the new series:

“We’ve just put it out into the universe; we’re here until May 10. I know what the scene is. I’ll pre-light it for her. She can drive up, run in, shoot it, and run out. I can get her in and out in two hours.”

McCarthy made the announcement on Ellen that she would be returning, saying that “Amy Sherman-Palladino is gonna squeeze me in to do it, and I’m very happy to return to Star’s Hollow.”

There’s no word yet on how large a role she will be playing, but either way, it’s great that such a wonderful character will return to our screens.

(Via TV Line)