Melissa McCarthy Tries And Fails To Join HAIM In The Latest ‘SNL’ Promo Spot

Melissa McCarthy is rightfully excited to be hosting Saturday Night Live this week, where she will presumably blow everyone away with a pitch perfect Sean Spicer impression once again and taking part in some over-the-top physical comedy in every other sketch. While she’s at 30 Rock preparing for the show this week though, McCarthy is also taking time out of her schedule to try and join the Haim sisters in their band. HAIM is the musical guest this week and since the trio of sisters are some of the hippest and most seemingly chill artists around right now it’s no surprise that people would want to be just like them.

But HAIM doesn’t let just anyone in the band, as McCarthy learns when she and Aidy Bryant attempt to break into the inner circle with mouth instruments and some questionable harmonizing. The funniest part of the entire clip, in fact, is almost certainly the Haim sisters actively trying to sound bad while singing together and completely failing. The faces they make while attempting to force bad notes out of their mouths are some great comedy all by themselves, so it looks like the three sisters are fitting in just great during their week at SNL headquarters.