Melissa McCarthy Has A Wild And Colorful Lip Sync Battle With Jimmy Fallon

Melissa McCarthy steps up for the original Lip Sync Battle on The Tonight Show and takes it to places that few likely thought it would go. Not only does she bust out some DMX, giving you flashbacks of Deadpool, but then she goes all in with a wind machine to cover “Colors Of The Wind” from Pocahontas. There’s animals, water, and a ton of other junk getting thrown at her, but she still keeps the song moving. It’d be impressive if it wasn’t lip-syncing.

Fallon counters with “Brand New Key,” which apparently is literally about roller skates and not about sex. Boogie Nights has ruined the music of the ’70s for us all. He then rolls around on the ground with a pillow for his second performance, pretty much showing that he’s not even attempting a victory here. He’s just completely lost against the fury of McCarthy.

When will we get the live-action Pocahontas film? The one that finally puts a nail in the Native American culture by adding in CGI animals and some form of magic tossed in for fun? We can then even get a sequel out of it, starring Melissa McCarthy as the voice of the hummingbird, and then dance on the grave of the culture. It’ll be a blockbuster.

(Via The Tonight Show)