Melissa McCarthy Introduces Us To Kanye West’s ‘Butterscotch Man’ In This New Batch Of ‘SNL’ Promos

We’d remind you to watch Melissa McCarthy on Saturday Night Live this week, but it’s not like you have much choice. A veteran host, McCarthy has established herself as a comfortable denizen of SNL‘s MANDATORY VIEWING sphere. You’re in safe-if-silly hands in these near-annual 90-minute appointments at Studio 8H. Pair up the Spy star with controversy magnet Kanye West and your case for checking out episode 800 is laid out for you.

As is customary with these sorts of engagements, McCarthy has paired up with a cast member (in this case, Vanessa Bayer) to nudge you to check out a television program you’ve likely already decided if you’re going to watch anyway. As they get their nails done, McCarthy and Bayer navigate the world of “polish” jokes, disagree over a lined up quip, and determine there are far worse names for nail color than “Candy Whore.” Do we also get a rendition of a Kanye song that only McCarthy seems to know? Darn tootin’, we do. (Darn tootin’ is polite speak for f*ck yeah.)

As we wait politely for Melissa/Kanye’s “Butterscotch Man” to get its due as one of the deepest of deep cuts, let’s give this batch of promos another watch. Larry David did tremendous last week, so let’s all make a big fuss about things like momentum as this Saturday approaches.