Melissa McCarthy Had Dinner With A Fellow ‘Gilmore Girls’ Alum And The Fans Lost Their Minds

Fans have been anxiously savoring every new casting announcement since the Gilmore Girls revival was officially announced, hoping that their favorite residents from Stars Hollow would once again grace their television screens. However, one name was notably missing — Melissa McCarthy, who found superstardom after hanging up Sookie St. James’ chef’s hat and moving on to comedy greatness.

While many have assumed that McCarthy is too expensive for the show’s modest budget, McCarthy tweeted that she was never asked to return. Imagining a Dragonfly Inn without Sookie is a sad prospect indeed, so many have been hoping that, at the very least, the showrunners would reach out and negotiate a cameo. Now fan speculation is at an all time high as actor Yanic Truesdale, who played snooty concierge Michel, posted a selfie with McCarthy on Instagram. According to Entertainment Weekly, the two simply met up for dinner and some catching up, as Truesdale told fans not to “read anything into it.”

Obviously, Truesdale is new to this whole fandom thing, because there is absolutely no way that people won’t read into it. Either way, it serves as a reminder of their delightful bickering on the show and makes me wonder if Michel blames Sookie for the break-up of Destiny’s Child.

(H/T Entertainment Weekly)

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