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Here we have posters and a trailer (after the jump) for “Melrose Place 2: I Love the ’90s Strikes Back.”  Do you get it?  “Ménage à Tues”?  There are three people in the picture, and the show is on Tuesday, which is the third day of the week.  I think that’s the point.

“We have an absolute drop-dead gorgeous cast, we have a fun show where everybody is dating everybody else, and we wanted a scandalous kind of soap opera,” said Rick Haskins, head of marketing for the CW. “We tried to capture a heightened reality of the show. We think it captures ‘Melrose’ the way ‘OMFG’ did ‘Gossip Girl.'”

Each image also makes strong use of the show’s iconic apartment complex and swimming pool, trying to turn the show’s setting into a character. [THR]

Oh, the swimming pool is a character all right.  One with better acting skills than Ashlee Simpson.  SONIC BOOM!  I dub thee “roasted.”

“No apartment building has ever been so… COMPLEX.”  Oh, this is too much wit for one morning.

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