Was Meredith Vieira Drunk, Stoned, Or Etc. While Tweeting This Morning?

“Aunt Meredith Vieira, I need help. There’s a bully picking on me at school, and I’m not sure what to do. I’m too little to fight back, but I don’t want to tattle, either. What should I do? What’s your advice?”

“Today I am thinkinbg today I am thinkib I obviously suck at tweeting. Trying to say that today I am thinking about dear friend Mo Cashin and fami screwed up again. Month cashin and fami I give up love month and fami famly in breezypoi month cashin I give up. Love Mo and Breezy not drunk…just incompetent. Just bear with me. Stu Still learning.”

“OK, who forgot to give Aunt Meredith her pills? Or did she have too many…?”

(Even if she was hacked, this is still hilarious.)

(via Getty Image, via Twitter)

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