Ted Mosby From ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Was In The First Barney Movie. He Was Awful.

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01.23.14 11 Comments

The first ever screen role for Josh Radnor, who plays Ted Mosby, on How I Met Your Mother, was the 1998 film, Barney’s Great Adventure. He played a waiter in a silly dance sequence. His appearance went uncredited, and after you witness it, you’ll understand why.

It arrives at the 46 minute mark, and he can only been seen briefly over the course of the next minute. He has a weird perm, and makes faces so goofy that it’s hard to recognize him. But that’s him, alright.

In an effort to grab a decent screenshot, I unfortunately ended up watching the dance sequence four or five times. I might have lost my grip on sanity. My recommendation to you is to trust that it’s in the video, snicker at the thought, and never press play, because once the mind goes, you can’t get it back. It’s like knowing that there are real mothers out there who daydream fondly about poop smoothies. Once you know, you can’t unknow it.

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